* Updates (05.05.2020)
-The problem in the selection of the area scanned with the mouse on the screen has been fixed.
-"Cancellation of selection after object editing" feature is added to general settings.

* Updates (14.04.2020)
-HATCH online selection problem is fixed.

* Updates (11.04.2020)
-It was added to select and move feature for BLOCKINSERT object in the STRETCH command.
-OSNAP feature has been activated on objects in BLOCK INSERT.

* Updates (05.04.2020)
-The original colors of objects were made as default in moving and copying.
-Clipboard copy and paste operations have been fixed.

* Updates (16.02.2020)
-The ability to show information with mouse has been added to the drawing aids in the status bar.
-The Command Line has been fixed to the status bar, the command history menu has been added.
-Single setcad.exe run setting is done.
-In DXF/DWG import dialog box, even though there is no file converter, selection of DWG files feature has been added.
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* Updates (12.02.2020)
-Block Insert color problems are fixed.
-The problem that occurred while browsing between pages has been fixed.
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* Updates (10.02.2020)
-Fixed the problem at Line-Line Fillet.

* Updates (08.02.2020)
- Fixed the problem at the reference point of the Hatch object while blocking the selected objects.

* Updates (04.02.2020)
-Object selection was not canceled after moving in STRETCH command, it is now fixed.
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* Updates (27.01.2020)
-Improved the screen performance.
Change the "options-> View-> Object view threshold" value to greater than zero.
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* Updates (23.01.2020)
-64 Bit version is available.
-Fixed HATCH reference point shift in BLOCKINSERT.
-Dimention font size and color problem fixed.
-DWG / DXF reading HATCH layer problem is fixed.
-Fill color for Polyline, Circle, and Arc initially equalized the line color.
-Performance increase was achieved in large drawings.
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*Updates (17.01.2020)
-Some problems fixed in POLAR ARRAY.
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*Updates (26.12.2019)
-Block insert Boundingbox calculation updated,
-Fixed the update issue when the properties of the drawing objects were changed,
-Arc, circle and polyline filling feature problems were fixed,
-Polyline vertex value input problem is fixed,
-Added length and angle change feature for line,
-Block insert color problem fixed,
-Color palette updated,
-Circle, Arc and Polyline fill feature updated for drawing area and printer,
-Fixed Atrribute problem when saving DXF / DWG files.
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*Updates (25.12.2019)
-Fixed the problem of saving files that are not in the metric system.
-The problem of selection after moving the lines was fixed.

* Updates (11.12.2019)
-A problem was fixed in diameter and angular dimention.
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* Updates (29.10.2019)
-PDF export special scaling feature is added,
-Custom value input feature is added to dimension.
-Custom value feature in DWG/DXF reading and saving is added.

* Updates (21.10.2019)
-Export feature as PDF is added.
-HATCH printing and explode problems were fixed.
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