SETCAD 2D is a computer aided drawing (CAD) program using .NET platform and OpenGL. With SetCAD you can draw technical drawings such as architectural plans, electrical and installation projects. SETCAD runs on Windows operating system. The 3D version is under development.
The last released for SETCAD: Click for free download.

SETCAD is designed to be modular, expandable and portable. It includes acceleration algorithms to avoid loss of performance in large drawings. It can be used easily without requiring additional training with its interface similar to known CAD programs.

setcad 2d last screen
Setcad 2d Last screen

Basic Features

  • Layered structure
  • Multiple pages
  • Add scaled map images (Google, Yandex, Openstreet, Bing)
  • Symbols
  • SingleLine font
  • Windows TrueType font
  • Metric measure
  • DXF read and write
  • DWG reading and writing (3rd party with free plugin. Detailed information)
  • Print
  • Basic editing tools
  • All basic drawing tools: Line, point, arc, circle, ellipse, curve, polyline, text, dimensioning, hatch, inserting images ...)
  • Object snap
  • Measurement tools (length, angle, area)
  • see more...
Why SetCAD ?
  • It is 4 times affordable than other popular CAD programs.
  • You can make unlimited updates of SetCAD for free within the license period. There are no additional and hidden fees.
  • Familiar command line and interface increase the efficiency of your business.
  • It takes up little space on the computer and uses memory efficiently. It is pretty fast.
  • It is constantly improving with user suggestions.