How to open DWG file in SETCAD program:

SETCAD reads and writes the DXF file. However, in order to open DWG files belonging to AutoCAD, a free file converter program produced by Open Design Alliance must be installed. The following is how to install the file converter. Complete the steps below or watch our help video for installation.

1- Installation:

Complete the installation process by downloading the version suitable for your system from the links below.

Windows Windows 7 or later (x64) ODA File Converter for Windows x64

If no different path is provided, the program will be installed in the "C: \ Program Files\ODA\" folder.


2- Save to option:

  • Set this program path to "file converter for dwg/dxf" in the SetCAD Options-> Opening and Storage section:You can try 2 ways to open the options form:
  • Right click on screen -> Options
  • Or type OP on the command line and press enter.In the Options form that opens, select the "Opening and Saving" tab, click the button indicated by the arrow and enter the path "OdaFileConverter.exe". After these operations, you can now open DWG files in SETCAD.