SetCAD 2D / 3D has been released!

With SetCAD, you can do 2D drawings as well as design in 3D environment. We have added a lot of basic 3D objects, from creation, editing, color and material assignment, adding physical features to light and shadow. We know it is much more to do and to develop. For this reason, we offer free use of the basic version of the program to individual users (students, academicians or home users). Commercial use may be possible under the license agreement made with the copyright owner . With your comments , you can contribute to the study. You can subscribe to the site to be notified of developments. Click on the download section for free download and use ...

The 3D interface view is as follows.


SetCAD V. Beta free download [Revision History]


What is SetCAD?  

SetCAD, launched in 2015, is a completely native and original drawing program developed in the .NET platform. It is compatible with other CAD programs and can be found in file exchanges. It is written in OpenGL supported architecture which can do 2 and 3 dimensional drawings without 3rd party product in CAD kernel. Unlike other CAD programs, it can contain multiple pages like Microsoft Excel. 3D features and other industry modules can be added as a plugin so that speed and performance are not affected.

To download the program for free, please click on Download from the menu ...