Buy SETCAD 2019 V.3

SetCAD V.3 offers a license for drawing program at prices starting from $14,91 per month. 1 year license fee is $358 $179.

Permanent licensed price of SetCAD is $714 $595.

If you want to buy multiple licence, please ask us price offer.

Note: Payment by bank transfer.

Please ask for the bank account information by email.

Activation code will be sent within 1 business day via e-mail after your payment will be received.

Our License Policy
SETCAD tries to offer the most appropriate licensing policy for your budget. Two types of models are used in licensing: Permanent license and annual licence. Permanent license allows you to use indefinitely when you purchase a program, but the license fee is very high in the initial installation. Due to the rapid change in technology, a software product usually will not be able to respond to the needs within 3-5 years and will need renewal. According to the annual licence, the user does not pay a very high price in advance, the program develops continuously according to user needs. The user may terminate the use if he/she is not satisfied with the service.

SETCAD offers a product suitable for both license models.

Our License Models
1-Year Subscription (Recommended)
Instead of a permanent license, SETCAD recommends a license model in which the user can pay during the time he / she is satisfied with the program, update and make continuous use of new features.

SETCAD's license usage fees are relatively low compared to other CAD programs such as $ 15.4 / Month.

License Period Control
The license period is valid for 1 year from the date of activation. During this period, all revision changes and technical support services are provided free of charge. The program checks the license period from once a month. (It can be used at least 10 times without internet in the control process).

2- Permanent License
There is no monthly or annual additional payment in this license type. However, revision update is not possible. To upgrade to new versions, 30% discount is made over the Permanent License price. Request a bid to purchase SetCAD V.3 permanently.

License Period Control
The license period starts from the activation date and is valid forever. However, new revisions and amendments cannot be used.